We're at your Fingertips.


FTR Technology is a Florida based, full-service restaurant technology company.

We partner with independent restaurant owners to develop technology solutions that increase sales, reduce costs, and turn happy customers into repeat business.


How We Help

The technology business—like the restaurant business—is really a people business.


We Discover

Our partnership begins with a rigorous analysis of our client’s business operation.

We leverage years of industry experience to uncover the details that define the difference between opportunity and failure. This comprehensive analysis provides our clients and us with measurable business goals and a roadmap for success.


We Personalize

From EMV card readers to hardware procurement and real-time operations analysis, we design and deploy a custom solution to meet all of the business goals identified in our comprehensive discovery process. Our solutions may include

  • developing a custom-built loyalty program
  • extending your loyalty program’s reach with gift cards
  • increasing sales during slow periods with loyalty card email campaigns

We Support

We build high-quality technology solutions. But even the most robust solution occasionally needs fine-tuning and support. Our expert team 

  • provides ongoing management training to ensure the technology is being fully utilized
  • maintains your database (including menu updates)
  • provides ongoing staff training
  • suggests emerging technologies that may grow the bottom line

Our Values

We know what makes independent restaurants successful because we’ve worked every job, from dishwasher to owner. We know the pain points because we’ve felt them. And we know how to solve challenges unique to the industry because we have a proven track record of solving the very problems our clients face.

Our Commitment

We use smart technology and solid industry-standard practices to bring out the best in every client’s restaurant.


Let us put our industry expertise to work for you.